Who Invented the Paper Bag

We have listened to much things related to the designing and features of the paper bag, but only some of us will be aware of the fact that who invented the paper bag. Francis Wolle and Margaret E.Knight are the two people who invented the brown paper bag.

The credit for the invention of the paper bag goes to both of them as they both worked individually for the invention of a paper bag. Francis Wolle mainly manufactured the first papermaking machine in 1852.

Margaret E. Knight created an amazing paper machine. This paper machine did the task of cutting, folding and pasting of the paper bag bottoms. The modern paper that has been commonly used in shopping of grocery and for the storage of other products have accelerated from the brown bag paper.

The efforts behind the discovery of the modern paper are all goes to the paper machine of Margaret that shows different ways for styles of paper.

The story behind the invention of the brown paper bag

The invention of the paper was not an easy thing. The whole story of who invented the paper is all filled with panic situations, hardships and strategies. In 1852, Francis Wolle who was an American teacher and clerk manufactured the papermaking machine.

This machine was based on such phenomena that people use today for the designing, cutting and folding of paper. This machine was not the papermaking machine, but it was the bag making the machine.

No one was well aware of the hardships of the Margaret E. Knight. After the civil war, the efforts of Margaret became successful, and everyone became aware of the discovery of the paper bag making machine.

The Flat Bottom Paper Bag

Knight worked on the procedure for making the flat paper bags. The paper bags were not flat at that time, so she worked hard for making the flat paper bags.

Doing her efforts, she developed a machine that was capable of automatically folding the paper bag, glueing of the bag bottoms. This machine was designed for making the flat bottom paper bags. The entire idea of this machine is still in use today for creating modern paper.

The intimate efforts for the brown paper bag machine

Charles Annan stole the idea of Knight, and she claimed that the brown paper bag machine was the discovery of him. Annan went to the court as he believed that the invention couldn’t be a discovery of any woman.

Knight still kept herself strong and provided the evidence which showed that the machine belonged to her. The Knight machine was the origin for paper making machines

Knight paper machine threw a great impression in the packaging industry. Right now, thousands of papermaking machines are based on the idea of Knight machine. Through the entire life of Knight, she received 20 patents and conceived 100 different inventions.

Many other machines were its inventions. The most famous was the rotary engine and the shoe-cutting machine. Due to its continuous efforts, she was named as Female Edison.

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