What is Secondary Packaging

The packaging of the products plays a very important role in sales. The packaging is such a thing that adds to the profit of the product and give them a brand look. Many people who order the product packaging will be well aware of the secondary name packaging, but some people will don’t have any idea about it.

The logo and the name that is printed on the packaging boxes are called the secondary packaging. The primary purpose of the secondary packaging is to make the product distinct from the simple packaging. The local companies when publishing the name of the company on the boxes it adds the worth to the boxes. People of the USA prefer to use custom product boxes for packaging of all the items.

Secondary packaging is an ideal thing to enhance the number of customers in a short time. Let’s suppose you choose a soda bottle and there’s no brand name on it, probably 90% of the people will leave it, and only 1% will buy it. That’s the difference between the simple packaging and the secondary packaging.

What is meant by Secondary Packaging?

Secondary packaging generally includes the boxes, tape, void film material and pallet stretch film that have applied to the products. Secondary packaging has generally used for the markets, and it has less often used in the houses. Usually, the crates in which we keep the bottles and the cardboard boxes in which we keep chips are the examples of secondary packaging.

The studies of Clemson University and Rehrig Pacific Company have shown the following fact about the secondary packaging.

  • 1- The branded re-useable crates have such products that have 54% fixations in them.
  • 2- The products of the branded re-useable crates were examined about 46% more time.
  • 3- The products in the branded re-useable crates look 10% faster.
  • 4- The products together with the branded re-useable crates require almost 47% more fixations.

Secondary packaging enhances the profit of the company

It has been observed that the high graphics on the packaging, attractive colors and unique design drag the attraction of the viewers. The secondary packaging adds to more profit for the company by increasing the number of sales.

The studies have shown that the products in the reusable crates have received 54% more fixations and have looked about 46% more time as compared to the non-branded products.

The secondary packaging is the ideal thing that increases the number of profits. Shopkeepers should take well care of the packaging of the products that they have in their stores. If they add secondary packaging to the food and drinking items, this will increase the profit, and they will observe good results in a very short time.

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