What Font says about Your Product

Font plays a significant role in impressive product packaging. It is the non-verbal communication between a buyer and the seller, and the medium of communiqué is the product. Font and tint, both are imperative for an appealing and long-lasting brand impression. You should be very careful in selecting the font because, for a particular product line, specific fonts are used. The font is a style of writing, but it enhances the visual worth of the product because font says a lot about the inbox product.

The font world is diverse but idiosyncratic

First category

Serif fonts

  • Serif fonts have a distinctive alphabetical shape that are two tiny lines at the ending stroke of all the characters.
  • Some common serif letterings are,
    • Times New Roman
    • Georgia
    • Palatino
    • Garamond
  • It is used for the packaging for relatively old and classic products.
  • It gives the elegant look of the product packaging.

Sans-serif fonts

  • Sans-serif fonts do not have any ending strokes on each character.
  • Some common typefaces are,
    • Tahoma
    • Helvetica
    • Arial

Second category

Script fonts

  • As its name shows, it resembles handwriting.
  • It delivers the impression of sophistication and femininity.
  • Formal invitations are written in script fonts.

Slab fonts

  • These block serifs, it is a conventional style of lettering.
  • It is used for the product packaging in which the brand wants to address its consumers in a nerdy style.
  • It is used in logos and headers.

Decorative fonts

  • It is aesthetically beautiful that can grab immediate attention.
  • It is always good to use decorative fonts, but moderation in use is mandatory. Otherwise, it will leave a negative impression on your product pancaking.
  • Comic Sans is the best fit.
  • It is generally used in the packaging of women toiletries.

What is the right font for your product packaging

Profound study and product analysis are required for the selection of the right font that suits best for your product packaging. A graphic designer is a knowledgeable person that can assist you well in making a sensible decision. As it is crucial for your packaging process, and a wrongly selected font will leave a poor impression of your product. Fonts are the silent speakers, and the right font will deliver the right impression in a professional manner.

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