What to do if your packaging run has the wrong color

A responsible employer intends to have everything high-end, and that particularly covers packaging run as well. If packaging run is processed through a renowned manufacturer, then everything is well taken care of, even if the packaging run has got an ill color. Now for the most of the time custom printed boxes are used with 4 color pritning.

Consider a packaging supplier for ideas

If any problem is encountered, particularly in case of the wrong color, the packaging supplier is the proficient person who can provide solutions. It is the packaging supplier who can render different suggestions, for instance, an offer of a discount. It is your responsibility to assess any flaws in the packaging so these can be resolved by the supplier. It is evident to bring forth all relative issues as the supplier will get rid of any such error-prone areas. This reduces the likelihood of these problems coming again. Along with that, this can also spare any other customer from the same flaw.

Causes of the Wrong color

There are several possible causes of the wrong color of your packaging; for instance, it could be simply resulted by a little misunderstanding of a designer. The wrong color of packaging run can also be due to discoloration of the color itself. Consider some most common factors responsible for the wrong color:

  • Misunderstood shade: It is imperative to use every possible technique to communicate the desired color to the manufacturer, as clearly and concretely as possible.
  • Incompatible material of packaging to hold a color: This could simply result if the temperature is high. Along with this, humidity can shorten the life of color, resulting in the faded or discolored color of packaging run.
  • Discoloration with time: This is one of the most common causes of the wrong color of packaging run as the environment can alter it with time and a change in the color can be noticed.
  • Poor quality of color: This can be sorted out through communication with the designer.
  • Defected color: The wrong color of your packaging run can be due to soon-to-be expiry or possibly a manufacturing fault. This thus depends a whole lot on the communication with the designer, so that any such problems can be avoided beforehand. For instance, the wrong standard color can be chosen out of human error. The designer can also mistakenly add more color than required.
  • Uncleaned printer
  • Inappropriate method of drying the color.

Have a pilot test to have the desired color

As mentioned earlier, there could be a number of factors responsible for the wrong color, but all can be subsided by appropriate communication of the desired color with the manufacturer. It is very critical and damaging to the company's repute if your packaging run has the wrong color. This process of packaging run is indeed expensive as well as considerably time-consuming. In order to avoid the wrong color of your packaging run, one of the most cost-effective and safe side strategies is to have a short run. The short run can provide a safe side to make any necessary correction as well as to reach the desired results. If this is done, it gives a green signal to process the full package.

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